This page will show several tips and trick for the sfbot application.

Location of the option file (sfbot.ini)

Windows NT: c:\winnt\profiles\[User]\Application Data\SFBot\SFBot.ini
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Application Data\SFBot\SFBot.ini
Windows Vista: C:\User\[User]\AppData\Roaming\SFBot\sfbot.ini
Windows 7: C:\User\[User]\AppData\Roaming\SFBot\sfbot.ini
Wine: /home/[User]/.wine/drive_c/users/[User]/Application Data/SFBot
[User] is the name of the operating system user who starts the sfbot application.

Enable debug logging

To enable the debug log just create a folder named "log" (without "") directly beneath the sfbot executable file. When starting the bot the next time for each character a file will be created and debug information will be written to them.

Add character on unlisted server or country

Open the file server.sfb in the data folder with a text editor.

Add the following line for a missing country directly between <info> and </info>. The servers of the country will be loaded automatically.

<country name="Heard Island and McDonald Islands" url="" />

Add the following lines for a missing server directly between <info> and </info>. The given server will be added the the server list in sfbot additional to the automatically loaded servers.

<country name="Città del Vaticano" url="">

    <server name="Mondo 3" url="" />


The complete server.sfb file for both examples combined:


    <country name="Heard Island and McDonald Islands" url="" />

    <country name="Città del Vaticano" url="">

        <server name="Theresa" url="" />

        <server name="Urbi Et Orbi" url="" />

        <server name="Mondo 3" url="" />



Using diacritical signs in user

To use a non standart letters replace all of them with %u followed by there unicode values when adding the account.

Here are some unicode values:


Gęśla will be G%u0119%u015Bla.

For more Unicodes for other Languages take a look at